Paychi Guh Sweaters and plants by Twig Living at Juniper

Juniper, the inspiration of owner Lisa Clinton, is located in the small and inviting Seattle neighborhood of Madrona. Since 2007, Juniper has offered a pared down and more conscious shopping experience in a lovely and relaxed setting.

We stock designers who are thoughtful about the process of creating and their impact on the planet. We want to know who is making our clothes and we value designers who are considering the whole process start to finish. We select timeless pieces. Pieces that last through seasons and trends. Pieces that you will wear again and again. We love hearing from our customers that their Juniper items are what they reach for most in their wardrobes.

Animal causes are an important part of Juniper. Lisa brings her feline fosters from Seattle Animal Shelter to the shop and she also supports organizations working to keep elephants and other animals safe and living wild lives in Africa.

We look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood!